2020 SSCT: “Exploring the Balkans geopolitics, regional cooperation and integration”

BSC Summer School on Critical Thinking 2020


Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, July 6 – 9, 2020

BSC Summer School on Critical Thinking entitled “Exploring the Balkans Geopolitics, Regional Cooperation and Integration” uses an interdisciplinary approach in understanding the politics, foreign relations, history, culture, and society of the Balkans. The Summer school aims to explore the democratization process, reconciliation, regional cooperation and integration as inevitable alternatives to nationalism, extremism, radicalism, divisiveness and hostility. Both participants and lecturers will have an opportunity to explore the issues and topics of common regional interest, whereby their active learning and teaching engagement will eventually lead to the creation of a common ground and an initial platform for the cooperation. Young participants, lecturers, researchers and civil society activists will gain knowledge and skills of how to encounter constructively present-day “balkanization” of the Balkans that is a serious threat to peace, order, stability, prosperity and security. The program aims to provide an initial platform for emerging ideas, practices and policy options in the Balkans. Students and practitioners will have the opportunity to learn and interact with experts and peers, and build lasting professional relationships. The innovative concept of this Summer school includes lectures, roundtable discussions, dynamic case studies, workshops, and combines practical exercises.

Temporary Program of the BSC Summer School on Critical Thinking 2020 (PDF)


To apply, perspective applicants must be/have:

  1. currently enrolled in BA/BS, master’s or PhD program, in any major at a university;
  2. between 18 and 35 years old;
  3. good writing and public speaking skills;
  4. fluent in English language; and
  5. eligible for appropriate visa and travel documentation.

Opportunities for participants

SSCT will provide keynote addresses by leading experts in the field, class discussions, roundtable discussions, workshops with practitioners, and networking with experts and peers.


A minimum attendance of 75% of lectures/tutorials is required.

SSCT 2020 Summer School Modules

  1. The Balkans Multiculturalism and Diversity
  2. The Balkans and the EU Integration: Prospects for Reconciliation and Cooperation
  3. Civil Society and Regional Reconciliation in the Balkans
  4. Tackling the Balkans National Minorities and their Rights
  5. Youth Prospects in the Balkans States
  6. Prospects for the Balkans Dialogue, Peace and Reconciliation
  7. Democratization Process in the Balkans
  8. The Balkans Nationalism: Where do we go?
  9. Socio-Political Change and Transformation in the Balkans
  10. Future Prospects for “The Balkans Trade, Therefore it is”


Certificate of attendance from the organizers.


The Summer school will take place in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Tuition fee

The BSC Summer school 2020 participation is 100 EUR. This is a non-residential package. Participation fees cover all tuition, and educational materials. Participants are responsible for their own accommodation, travel, and other personal expenses. However, we would be glad to offer our assistance. The participants can enjoy their breakfast and lunch in the University Canteen at affordable prices during the programme. The participation fee should by paid by June 15, 2020.


Application requirements:

  1. A CV or résumé
  2. Statement of purpose – Describe which are the motives for which you wish to attend the BSC Summer School on Critical Thinking 2020 (1,000 words or less).
  3. An academic transcript – Unofficial, if current undergraduate or graduate student

Prospective applicants should send their queries and applications to bsc@ius.edu.ba. The results of the selection process will be communicated via E-mail, within 5 working days following receipt of the application.

N.B. 1 Payment deadline: full payment has to be finalized within 2 week following confirmation of acceptance, and no later than 15 June 2020 (i.e. candidates should provide BSC with proof of payment via e-mail to bsc@ius.edu.ba by the same date)

N.B. 2 Application fee waivers are not available.

N.B. 3 The SSCT tuition fee is a non-residential package.

N.B. 4 The SSCT tuition fee does not cover additional expenses such as those related to health insurance coverage and VISA.

Instruction for payment

  1. Participant name and surname (as used to register)
  2. Month and day of birth (example: 23 May 1989)
  3. Receiver: International University of Sarajevo
  4. Address: Hrasnička cesta 15, 71210 Ilidža, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  5. Account number: 186-000-1011-8452-42 (paid in BAM)
  6. Bank: Ziraat Bank
  7. Banka Address: Zmaja od Bosne 47c, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  8. IBAN: BA39 186000-1611-8450-47
  9. Swift: TZBBBA22 (paid in Euros)
  10. Purpose: Participation in BSC Summer School on Critical Thinking 2020

N.B. BSC Summer School on Critical Thinking does not accept cash payments.


  • Monday 2nd March – Applications open
  • Friday 5th June – Deadline for applications
  • Sunday 5th July – Summer School participants arrive in Sarajevo
  • Monday 6th July – Summer School starts
  • Thursday 9th July – Summer School ends  
  • Friday 10th July – Cultural Trip to Mostar (Optional)
  • Saturday 11 July – Full Day Study Trip to Srebrenica (Optional)

About the organizers

The Summer school is organized by the Balkan Studies Center of the International University of Sarajevo (BiH) in cooperation with Social Sciences University of Ankara (Turkey), Center for Balkan and Black Sea Studies of the Yildiz Technical University (Turkey), Faculty of Legal and Business Studies “Dr Lazar Vrkatić” (Serbia), Foreign Policy Initiative BH (BiH), and Association “Research and Development Academy” (BiH). 


Mr. Hamza Preljević

  • Project Manager and Coordinator of the Summer School 
  • Phone: +387 33 957 320
  • E-mail: hpreljevic@ius.edu.ba 
  • Dr. Muhidin Mulalić
  • Coordinator of the Summer School 
  • Phone: +387 33 957 236
  • E-mail: mmulalic@ius.edu.ba 


You can also follow us on Facebook for regular updates and announcements.

Download BSC Summer school poster (English). 

We look forward to welcoming you in Sarajevo in July 2020!